Ecoraservizi srl

The additional services of EcoraGroup

ECORASERVIZI acts as support to the other two departments of the Group. In fact, It supports the disposal activity of ECORAV and increases promotion and sales strategies of ECORAMBIENTE.
ECORASERVIZI becomes the privileged interlocutor company to disclose the complex  environmental laws, emphasizing the importance of safety in chemicals treatment. The consulting service of ECORASERVIZI is available to clients also to fulfill documents for national, regional and community request contributions or for CLP and EMAS regulations.

Regular training courses, chemical risk calculation and legal advices are other additional services that EcoraGroup is able to offer to its customers, giving always relevance to the environmental quality and ensuring the strictest security.

Regular environmental analyses and CE marking, as a guarantee of product compliance with the essential requirements for trade and use within the European Union, stressed the attention that the company of Longarone gives to the preservation of environmental heritage.

The qualified team of ECORAGROUP works with passion and enthusiasm to provide additional services in the field of research and chemical test able to grant high quality performances and professionalism.