The Business Department of EcoraGroup

ECORAMBIENTE Srl supports and assists the customers to find the best solution and all over the process of waste reclaim and disposal, combining technical consulting with an awareness campaign directly inside waste producer company in order to have a proper environmental waste management increasing safety, environmental protection and economic saving. 

In a first approach phase to the involved companies, ECORAMBIENTE Srl provides an important service of information about waste admission procedures, their classification, their proper packaging and labeling, defining with the client terms and conditions of treatment. 

Only after the sampling, testing and evaluation of the waste treatment suitability, on proceed verifying the authorizations necessary to perform the service. Once the service have been supplied, there are the acceptance and discharge of the waste to be regenerated or disposed.

When the waste reaches ECORAV Ltd plants, It is subjected to an analytical control based on approval standards, inside our plant analysis laboratories, and only after this last verification it is possible to proceed with the recovery or the disposal of the substance.