ECORAV Regeneration goal

It is the plant area and the core of EcoraGroup   specialized into the regeneration of waste. It is located in the industrial area of Villanova at Longarone, and precisely in areas 17c and 18. Here there are water treatment tanks, whose capacity exceeds 600 cubic meters, seven dryers of 4,000 liters,  four solvent distillers, two of 8,000 liters, one of 9,000 and one of 14,000 liters, and a modern laboratory of analysis where waste samples are examined in order to define the best waste disposal methods.

Thanks to an experience of 30 years of activity and research, ECORAV plants allow to process any type of waste, hazardous or not, for every kind of request. Chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, industries with painting facilities, engineering industries which deals with degreasing and cleaning, facilities dedicated to environmental health services of local authorities.

The choice made by many companies to rely to EcoraGroup is motivated by the sharing of the fundamental principles of regeneration and disposal of waste, perfectly conjugated with the community environmental protection.