The Foundation

Angelo Reolon Foundation “An angel for Guinea”

“There are those who give and know not pain in giving. They give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes its fragrance into space. Through the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth.”
Kalhil Gibran

The enthusiasm for life in every respects was an innate talent of Angelo Reolon. He gifts to the word every day his will to life and the clearness of all his relations in every situation.
These worth urge Angelo Reolon, after years spent in Africa, to invest heavily in humanitarian projects and, during his trips to Africa, to make his contribution to the community of villages distressed and affected by diseases. 

Angelo’s family founded “Angelo Reolon Children’s Hospital” in the orphanage of “La maison des enfants”  in the Republic of Guinea, in the town of Boffa, caring out Angelo’s will to help the poorest African populations, commemorating his memory after the premature death of his loved one.

The pediatric hospital is 1,500 square meters covered and looks after not only the currently 500 children of the orphanage but all 3,000 children of the seventeen villages of the district.
Angelo Reolon Children’s Hospital is an important reference point for local populations whose conditions leave no way out of extreme poverty of many little lives thanks to the presence of local medical and paramedical staff properly trained and a completely autonomous facility built according to European criteria, with solar panels and an ambulance.

Every medical service is paid by Angelo Reolon foundation which also takes on the costs of any actions incurred by the local public facilities. Currently Riccardo and Daniela, who live in Guinea quite all over the year, are involved in the housing and good performance of structures, working with qualified and always present doctors and nurses. 

The commitment to help local people it is not only given medical aid but it is also expressed in primary education with the foundation of  ‘Angelo Reolon Ecole Primaire” in Walia, where hundreds of children can learn the essential rudiments of school that is not always present in poor areas.

Angelo Reolon plan was completed also with the purchase of a boat motor for bringing to school, during the rainy season, children who live across the river and a car to facilitate movements. Angelo Reolon Foundation also provides food to its young children and, in collaboration with many Associations, vaccinations (in the past year have been vaccinated 350 children).