Keyword: Regenerate
The mission of EcoraGroup is the recovery and recycling of industrial waste.
The future of our planet and the living conditions of its citizens is more and more related to a well-balanced and friendly-environmental development. This must be realized necessarily through the judicious use of resources and production processes from raw materials to final disposal of chemical waste“.Angelo Reolon

The “Classification for homogeneous groups” corresponds to the specific typologies of treated waste from ECO.RA.V. Ltd and allows, through diversification, an optimization of the recovery cycles, with an efficient time, methods and costs management and a more effective dialogue between  Group’s operational and sales departments.

The services offered by EcoraGroup are present all over the country thanks to a capillary network of partners and the constant presence of a direct staff, which not only takes care of solvent treatment and residues distillation from industrial and craft activities, but also recover the packaging that should be disposed.

 EcoraGroup is therefore an important reference point for all companies that pay attention to environment, supporting them with a consulting service and a high number of collection centers located throughout the peninsula.

The partnership of EcoraGroup with companies is extremely important for the “production” of waste, which is the basis to define consciously in advance the appropriate modalities for the cheaper and final waste treatment, preventing the damage from an improper managing.

 Workplace health and hygiene are the Group industrial development key points. Staff skills and professionalism prevents wrong handling or loss of product.

The variety of processes used by the company permits to process the waste in different physical states such as: solvents, paints and paint sludge. It is also possible to treat water containing any kind of pollutants, organic and inorganic sludge, making them less hazardous for the environment, and to manage every type of packaging.

 Over the years EcoraGroup made reliability the key to its success. Companies that rely on the company of Longarone for the disposal of their waste can count on years of experience in environmental protection and work cycle safety that ends only when the waste is disposed of without danger for the community.

EcoraGroup will be ready for another challenge very soon. They will propose on the market a whole new line of high quality solvents, under its own brand, which ensures an important reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, the recovered solvents are made ​with industrial and private waste regenerated, without using raw materials like oil and eliminating in this way the exploitation of non renewable resources of our planet.