Integrated policy

– The primary goals of the company have always been the quality of activities and work performed, the environmental protection and the workplace health and safety. Aware of the importance that these instances are gained in the society and in business and entrepreneurial activities, and also conscious of the responsibility that every production management  assumed on  health and safety of workers,

ECORAGROUP promotes a Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy as guide and reference point for the staff and in all fields where it currently operates and will operate in the future. ECORAGROUP believes that the most appropriate strategy to achieve this Policy is to have the full implementation of the Management System conforming to OHSAS 18001/2007, connected with the use of management systems according to ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001/2004, already long-established in the company.

It also believes that the development of the organization is also connected with Workplace Health and Safety conditions and the implementation of an integrated management system will contribute to the continuous quality improvement to the performance of activities in complete safety, protecting the environment and preventing industrial accidents and diseases.

The values and the strategic goals of the company  policy are:

  • To act in accordance with existing community, national and regional regulations;
  •  To guarantee the quality of processes and products protecting the environment and ensuring health and safety of workers. This commitment is extended to all employees of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers;
  • To increase the level of customer confidence and improve the relationship with internal resources, emphasizing, involving  and ensuring them an adequate training;
  • To consolidate the confidence of “interested and involved parties” in the development of investments focused on the preservation and improvement of environment and land;
  • To make use in a more efficient way Energy resources and the territory;
  • To apply all measure and control procedures to ensure the implementation of this policy, also with systematic audit;
  • To supervise customer satisfaction and to improve quality levels perceived by customers;
  • To Promote  employees’ identification with company quality, environmental and security policy and the sharing of business targets promoting the training, the awareness of their roles within the company and the individual responsibility; ensuring and developing effective two-way communications with all staff and employee representatives;

Company’s commitments, to achieve these strategic goals, will be the implementation of activities and actions in order to:

  • To ensure that the goal of health and safety workplace are an integral part of the institutional organization and that the responsibility in managing health and safety in workplace is entrusted to all the employees in relation to their role, functions and duties.
  • To provide continuously to costumers every useful element to define the expected quality;
  • To monitor continuously work methods and operating procedures to prevent customer dissatisfaction and non-compliance for process or products;
  • To evaluate in advance  new processes, technologies, activities and services in order to properly indicate the aspects and effects on health, safety and environment, to ensure its control,  improving also  performances;
  • To Spread  laws and regulations concerning environment and safety;
  • To Spread a culture of delegation, a sense of responsibility and also belonging;
  • To use effective forms of communication aimed at staff involvement;
  • To develop feedback coming from internal operational departments in order to improve business practices;
  • To Respect the commitments undertaken by the adoption of an integrated management system meets the regulations of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, Certificate of Excellence N. 305 and Validation of Environmental  Declaration EMAS N. E-529 contributing to the continuous improvement;
  • To Carry out periodic reviews of accidents, injuries and risks in general in order to verify the effectiveness of actions taken to their prevention and to ensure policy enforcement;
  • To review at least annually the Policy and the goals of the integrated management system of Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy, maintaining it active.

 The Direction, to achieve these goals, commits itself to provide resources, founds and adequate expertise. The Direction also undertakes to make operative and to maintain  active this policy, communicating it to all staff and other interested parties with explicit request using the most suitable tools, evaluating its appropriateness regularly during the Review of Management as well as the definition of specific improvement goals.

 Longarone, 30/06/11                                                                      The Direction