The History of Ecoragroup

From the far-sighted project of Angelo Reolon, a geologist from Belluno soon sensed that chemical waste from industrial processes were hazardous. There were created Niltrol and Ecora with the mission to recovery these hazardous waste.

In 1975 Reolon started his commercial activity specialised on the recovery of craft and industrial waste with systems and procedures designed by the company.

In 1985 he founded Ecora and subsequently Nitrol Veneta, both headquartered in Longarone (BL). In 2005 they were merged creating ECO.RA.V. Ltd.
Ecora was founded in 1985 to work on chemicals or thinners contained in industrial waste or water.
The second company was founded ten years later with the aim to process hazardous chemical waste from a capillary collection.
ECO.RA.V. Ltd, specialized in hazardous and non hazardous waste disposal, is headquartered in Longarone, the industrial area where there are platforms 17c and 18, which processes respectively solid, liquid and sludge waste, recovers and subsequently regenerates metals and solvents.

In 2009 was created, with a new management team to support Reolon’s family, an important and ambitious business plan creating the actual EcoraGroup with its three departments: ECO.RA.V. and ECORASERVIZI, coordinated by the plant manager Dr. Luca Minella, and ECORAMBIENTE, administrated by  Dr. Nunzio De Gaetano.

Each business department has different functions but they have the same goal: recovery and regenerate industrial waste.