ECORAV Regeneration goal

It is the plant area and the core of EcoraGroup   specialized into the regeneration of waste. It is located in the industrial area of Villanova at Longarone, and precisely in areas 17c and 18. Here there are water treatment tanks, whose capacity exceeds 600 cubic meters, seven dryers of 4,000 liters,  four solvent distillers, two of 8,000 liters, one of 9,000 and one of 14,000 liters, and a modern laboratory of analysis where waste samples are examined in order to define the best waste disposal methods. (more…)

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Ecoraservizi srl

The additional services of EcoraGroup

ECORASERVIZI acts as support to the other two departments of the Group. In fact, It supports the disposal activity of ECORAV and increases promotion and sales strategies of ECORAMBIENTE.
ECORASERVIZI becomes the privileged interlocutor company to disclose the complex  environmental laws, emphasizing the importance of safety in chemicals treatment. The consulting service of ECORASERVIZI is available to clients also to fulfill documents for national, regional and community request contributions or for CLP and EMAS regulations. (more…)

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Keyword: Regenerate
The mission of EcoraGroup is the recovery and recycling of industrial waste.
The future of our planet and the living conditions of its citizens is more and more related to a well-balanced and friendly-environmental development. This must be realized necessarily through the judicious use of resources and production processes from raw materials to final disposal of chemical waste“. (more…)

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